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2009-01-31 01:07:54 by Darkl89


Fuck you Dale Mitchell!

2008-10-12 17:44:30 by Darkl89

Thanks for nothing you loser.

Fuck you Dale Mitchell!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2008-03-21 02:37:34 by Darkl89

Yeah, I love the game!

Ice Climbers FTMFW!

Also, damn you to hell IC haters! They fucking rule and you guys know it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Yay, I got a Wii this Christmas!

2008-01-04 14:42:35 by Darkl89

Hey Newgrounds, long time no see. I've been pretty busy this last few months so I haven't spend much time on the site. Anyways, I graduated from High school this year so my parents finally decided to give me a Wii. What makes this gift even sweeter is knowing that both of them really tried hard getting me this gift. I really appreciate all the stuff they do for me.

Anyways, I bought Mario Galaxy and I can truthfully say that the game is one of the best ever. Seriously, I felt like a kid again when I started playing. Now I play the waiting game until Feb 10th when Super Smash Bros. Brawl is finally released.

Thank you Dad and Mom!

Yay, I got a Wii this Christmas!

Clock Day is finally here!!!!!!!

2007-08-15 13:25:17 by Darkl89

Yay, I've been waiting for this day since last year. Well, time to rack up some protection points!

I love Clock Day!

I got spoiled!

2007-07-19 23:25:49 by Darkl89

10 minutes ago, I was as happily surfing Newgrounds when I received a private message from someone I don't know. Since I believed the message was harmless, I opened it without any second thoughts. After a while I'm finding myself reading a long message that lead to what I've avoiding for the last 2 weeks, Harry Potter 7 spoilers. In a matter of seconds, everything I didn't wanted was stuck in my mind. All I gotta say it that it sucks for me.

My life has no meaning anymore. (Actually it still does, but you guys get the point)

Meh, I'll still buy the book anyways.

P.S: Luna Lovegood = Best Harry Potter character.

I got spoiled!


2007-07-17 18:41:09 by Darkl89

Just making sure this works.