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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2008-03-21 02:37:34 by Darkl89

Yeah, I love the game!

Ice Climbers FTMFW!

Also, damn you to hell IC haters! They fucking rule and you guys know it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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2008-03-21 04:33:42

Ice Climbers are all right. I'll use em if I have to. Still, I have to go with Fox.


2008-03-21 07:10:55

They ain't even on the package!

It's all about the Snake, baby!

Darkl89 responds:

The Ice Climbers are too awesome for the package.

I agree about Snake though.


2008-07-27 02:11:48

I like wolf,Ice climbers are cool too though.

Darkl89 responds:

I never really liked any of the Star Fox character. My friend really loves Wolf for some reason. Still, he can't (and probably never will) beat me no matter how much he tries.

And yes, I just told you that story for no reason whatsover. I'm really bored right now.


2010-06-21 10:17:27

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